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Well yesterday I finally graduated from grad school! I now have a Masters degree!

And I guess I'm done with school now, after about 20 years of being in school (pre-school, kindergarten, 12 years of grade school, four years of college, two years grad school). It's difficult to think about.

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This has been a tumultuous week.

I live about a half mile from Copley Square, where the Boston Marathon bombings took place. I wasn't at the marathon - I was at home, but I was a little freaked out.

Throughout the week too, my roommate and I have been trying to deal with subletting the apartment for the summer, but this has caused immense tension between my parents and my roommate, since my parents went behind our backs to talk to the landlord (no, my parents don't live here and I haven't actually seen them since January). So there's been serious tension in the apartment.

The rest of the week went on fairly normal for me, save for the tension with the apartment, until Thursday night when the shooting at MIT happened and such.

So this morning (Friday), I was awoken at 7AM by an automated phone call from my school, telling me that it was closed down and to stay indoors, as the city was on lockdown. I would have gone back to sleep normally, since I had only slept about four and a half hours, but then I was wide awake and freaked out. Spent the next two hours reading the news, watching the news, and talking to my mom and sister on the phone. Then I went back to sleep. Throughout the afternoon I watched the news, dealt with more apartment bullshit, and pretty much... watched the news. Really freaked out.

So thankfully Suspect #2 has allegedly been captured. I hear lots and lots of cheering outside of my window since the city no longer is on lockdown and the manhunt is over.

My thoughts go out to those who were killed and injured throughout this whole fiasco, and my thanks go to Boston's police department.
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My roommate and I went to Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade today.

It was pretty much meh. That's really all I have to say. Yep.


--Except I don't live in Cleveland. But anyway.

So my dear Dreamwidth/Livejournal, let me tell you about my adventure in bed bugs. Once upon a time, my mom and I watched this documentary on bed bugs. It scared us. A lot.

I'm always very careful when I go to hotels. I never put shit on the bedspread. I always put my suitcase on a luggage rack. etc. etc. It's been a while since I've been in a hotel anyway so whatever.

Anyway so last night I went to bed and I saw two very tiny bugs crawling around on my sheets. They were almost easy to miss. However, I remember what they looked like, and when I went online to look at pictures, they pretty much matched the pictures of bed bugs. So naturally, I flipped my shit.

So that is my adventure in bed bugs. I called the building manager and the exterminator will come next week to check things out. It's entirely possible it isn't bed bugs, and I hope to god it isn't. Fuck I'd rather they be ticks ridden with Lyme disease. But either way I washed pretty much every article on my mattress. I bought one of those zipper covers for my mattress, but the building manager told me to wait to put it on until after the exterminator checks. So I'll wash everything again then. Oh boy.

Anyway, the good news is that I got invited to audition at a very high-level symphony and I'm really happy about that. Getting in would mean having an extremely secure, comfortable job. I hope to God or whomever that I get in. It's a longshot but whatever.


Oh man you guys. So I found a bunch of my old sketchbooks from when I was 14-16 or so. And I figured I'd share some, er, "gems" with you so you can laugh with me at my art from high school.

I left a bunch out from when I was 15 or so since they're on my old DeviantArt and I WANT TO FORGET THAT THAT EXISTS. GOD.

Anyway let's start. This is in order, from the beginning of high school when I was fourteen, to the middle of my junior year, when I was sixteen. idk I look at them and realize that in some ways my art hasn't improved at all, but in other ways it has gotten way better. To compare, here's the most recent colored picture I've done.

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I decided I'm going to do NaNoWriMo. Yes, I'm aware that November is already two thirds over.

Anyway my story is not even going to be 50,000 words because I don't feel like puking out that many words (unless it somehow comes out to that much?). It's going to be a short story inspired by this fucked-up dream I had but it's going to be awesome.

I think I'm doing it wrong.

Holiday Cards

It's that time of year, kids! Christmas is a little over a month away, so if you want non-denominational Northern hemisphere winter holiday cards from me, then I will be happy to send one to you.

I'll just need your address so I can send you a card. I'll attempt to get them to you before Christmas. And I'll probably do stupid drawings on them!

All comments on this post are screened, but you can also send me an e-mail at carbonatedwater84@gmail.com, IM me at Godofpaper84, or send me a private plurk at [plurk.com profile] godofpaper84. I promise I will not give away anyone's real name or address.


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God my school is stupid sometimes. My roommate woke me up today saying we had to go to a "mandatory" orchestra meeting, where the conductors and some of the principals spent two hours telling us really stupid things like "MAKE SURE YOUR PARTS ARE LEARNED BEFORE THE FIRST REHEARSAL" and HOW IMPORTANT TEAMWORK IS and stupid shit like that.

I'm a second-year grad student in music. Um. I'm pretty sure I know all that shit. Also, a sophomore I know who really sucks at music didn't even show up to the meeting, and she's the one who would have benefited from it. But whatever. Two hours of my life wasted.

Time for character development meme!

(Note: Day seven is now listed here.)